February 4, 2016

2019-2020 Staff

Andrew Nguyen, Student Advocate General

Office Hours: Mon. 1-5 AS Main // Fri. 11-3 LRC


3rd Year; English Major & History Minor

Enjoys long walks on the beach and brunch on Saturdays

Tanisha Singh, Chief of Staff

Office Hours: Mon. 2-5 LRC // Wed. 2-5 AS Main


3rd Year; Political Science and Economics Double Major

Professional Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist and aspiring ruler of the Shadow Realm


Leili Golian, Internal Deputy Chief of Staff

Office Hours: Mon. 11-1 Summit Cafe // Tues.  2-5 Summit Cafe


4th Year;

Was really good at coloring in the chat box all black on the Nintendo DS


Isaiah Aly, External Deputy Chief of Staff

Office Hours: Tues. 3-5 Caje // Thurs. 12-3 AS Main


3rd Year; Economics Major

Record holder for longest “YEEEEEEW” in CIF Southern Section


Theresa Aromin, Director of Public Relations

Office Hours: Wed. 3:30-5:30 Caje // Thurs. 2-4 AS Main


3rd Year;

Invented the phrase “ah suh dude,” but lost out on copyrights in an intense legal battle


Yara Khamis, Conduct Caseworker

Office Hours: Mon. 1-3 LRC // Wed. 9-11 LRC (appointment)


4th year;

Performs interpretative dance to other people’s interpretative dance, and calls it meta


Kelly Gates, Conduct Caseworker

Office Hours: Tues. 4-6 LRC // Thurs. 11-1 LRC


2nd year;

Related to Bill Gates, but not the famous one. Just a regular Bill


Lauren German, Academic/Financial Caseworker

Office Hours: Mon. 1-3 AS Main // Wed. 1-3 AS Main


3rd year;

Hasn’t missed a Rosarito’s Taco Tuesday since Fall 2017


Jaimee Hocker, Grievances Caseworker

Office Hours: Tues. 9-11 LRC (appointment) // Wed. 1-3 LRC


3rd year;

Solved a really hard riddle one time, like super quickly