JACK TANNENBAUM, Student Advocate General

Jack Tannenbaum, a 4th year Economics major, is the current Student Advocate General. He is passionate about making sure students feel safe and heard on the UCSB campus. He enjoys surfing, reading, and eating ice cream in his spare time.



ROSE ETTLESON, Chief of Staff

Rose Ettleson is a 3rd year Film and Environmental Studies major. She is serving as the Chief of Staff in OSA. She is originally from Washington DC so she enjoys long talks about politics, preferably on the beach.



SUDEEP DHANOA, Internal Deputy Chief

Sudeep Dhanoa is a 4th year Philosophy major (Ethics and Public Policy). He works as the Internal Deputy Chief in the Office of the Student Advocate where he assists and trains all caseworkers while taking some cases on himself. He’s previously worked as a Public Interest Caseworker, but he has experience in a variety of cases. In his free time he participates in Mock Trial, which he now is participating in for the 8th year in a row. He also just finished taking his LSAT and is planning on going to law school.



COLETTE LOWRY, Policy Analyst

Colette Lowry is a 2nd year Political Science major from the Bay Area working as the Policy Analyst for OSA. She got involved in Associated Students her freshman year through the AS fellowship. When she isn’t looking over legal code she is also involved in Isla Vista Surfrider, is passionate about environmental issues, and enjoys hiking and backpacking in her free time.



JAMIE SAEVITZON, Social Conduct Caseworker

Jamie Saevitzon is 2nd year Philosophy and Communications double major. This year she will be the Social Conduct Caseworker in the Office of the Student Advocate. She is originally from Los Angeles, but has found a new home at UCSB and in OSA. She really loves dogs, sometimes more than she loves people.



BLAKE BERICH, Academic Caseworker

Blake Berich is a 4th year History Major/Classics Minor who plans to attend law school in the fall. He is currently involved with UCSB’s Mock Trial team and looks forward to working as the OSA’s Academic Caseworker this year.




ROSIE BOYD, Public Interest Caseworker

Rosie Boyd is a Public Interest Caseworker in the Office of the Student Advocate. She is a 4th year Sociology major and transferred to UCSB from a community college last year. In her free time she likes to swim in the ocean, pet cute dogs, read Stephen King books, and go to concerts to dance the night away.



SAEHEE JONG, Housing Caseworker

Saehee is a 2nd year, UCSB student pursuing a major in Communications and a minor in Art History. Her position at the Office of Student Advocate (OSA) is a Housing Caseworker, where she helps students, who violate a housing policy, through the judicial process. Aside from school and OSA, she holds a job as a writing assistant for the Development office in the College of Engineering and interns at the UCSB AD&A Museum. She also volunteers as a piano accompanist for a church in Isla Vista and has a strange talent of eating 8 slices of pizza in one sitting. She aspires to become a PR manager for corporations one day.


NIKKI WALSH, Director of Public Relations

Nikki Walsh is a 4th year Global Studies student, who is pursing a undergraduate certificate in Technology Management and working as OSA’s Director of Public Relations. She has previously worked as an intern at a local public affairs firm and is now exploring the field of business operations at a tech startup in the area.