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Student Rights

As a student at UCSB it is important that you know and understand your due process rights guaranteed by the University of California Systemwide Rules and Regulations.

Notice of the CHARGES: Identifies the sections of the Code the student is charged with violating and an explanation of the facts.

Presumption of INNOCENCE: It is presumed that a student charged with a violation is not responsible unless proven otherwise or there is an admission of responsibility.

Right to an ADVISOR: An advisor’s role is to provide assistance in preparation and conducting meeting and hearings.

Choosing not to PARTICIPATE: Although the process works best when students participate, you may choose not to participate in the resolution of your case.

Right to a DISCIPLINARY HEARING PANEL: You can present your case before a disciplinary hearing panel composed of members from the University’s Committee on Student Conduct (faculty, staff, & students).

Right to APPEAL: You have the right to appeal the findings issued by the Dean of Students (based on recommendations of the disciplinary panel) to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.