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Office of the student advocate

Your campus public defender

The Office of the Student Advocate is an executive, non-partisan office of the student government at UC Santa Barbara. 

We offer consultation, help, and representation for any student and/or group involved in a dispute with the University. 

OSA Divisions


(in tandem with the Financial Division)

Covers issues concerning academics, including but not limited to grade appeals, dismissal & academic probation, University withdrawal, etc.


Covers issues concerning Student Code violations, including but not limited to plagiarism, cheating, theft, housing violations, etc.


Covers issues concerning student grievances, including but not limited to university formal grievances, sexual violence and sexual assault, DSP accommodations, discrimination/hate crime reports, UCPD complaints, etc.


(in tandem with the Academic Division)

Covers issues concerning finances, including but not limited to BARC and financial aid.

About the Office

OSA works to facilitate open and honest communication between students and the University by providing free and confidential peer support advice and assistance to any student, student organization, or student group involved in a dispute with the University or any other entity within the University community. In addition, the OSA promotes students’ rights as well as work to change and challenge policies of the University on behalf of the students of UCSB.

Our caseworkers work with students on an one-on-one basis to work through their cases and ensure that they are in the best position to represent themselves. Our Community Organizers work in a proactive manner to carry out projects and policy changes from trends they see on the casework level

Looking to talk with a caseworker?


For any inquiries please email

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