As a student at UCSB it is important to know the different resources available and the services that can be provided to you. Each resource provides a unique service that can be beneficial to each student given the particular circumstances that may arise.

Office of the Ombuds
The Office of the Ombuds is a safe place at UC Santa Barbara to come and discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, bureaucratic runarounds, and many other problems. The Office of the Ombuds does not, however, take a side and advocate for individuals regarding a University dispute. The Ombuds will listen to questions and concerns, identify and evaluate options, make appropriate referrals, and recommend change in University policies and procedures.

Associated Students Legal Resource Center
The Associated Students Legal Resource Center started as a result of a student initiative to provide free legal counseling services to the UCSB campus. An ASLRC attorney is available for registered students to consult regarding any issue in which legal education would be helpful. The LRC offers legal advice; education, information and/or referrals, and can assist you in identifying and resolving your legal problems, but cannot provide formal legal representation. The ASLRC assists with legal issues, not University policy.

Judicial Affairs
The Judicial Affairs office operates in order to create a safe setting for UCSB students to live and learn. Judicial Affairs publishes and enforces UCSB Campus Regulations, administers the campus judicial process, serves as the main reporting point for crimes, and provides information to students regarding student rights and grievance procedures. Judicial Affairs provides the option to have a Judicial Process Advisor assist you with the process. However, the advisor cannot attend student hearings.

Counseling Services
UCSB Counseling Services provides a place for therapeutic assistance when a student faces anxiety and stresses that may be impacting the individual in negative ways. The service provides care regarding your particular issue, however, does not get involved in University policy issues or legal issues any more so than serving as a place to de-stress.

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