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Intake Process

What Happens

Here is an outline of what happens when you come to our office and we take in your case:

  • We explain who we are and what we do, to make sure you have come to the right place and we can help you.
  • If you are interested in our assistance, we have you sign a liability waiver and a confidentiality waiver. The liability waiver protects us from legal action; we always give advice in good faith, but we cannot make any guarantees. And while everything you tell us is confidential, the confidentiality waiver, given your permission, allows us to get information about your case from university administration and discuss it with them as necessary.
  • Once you have signed the waivers, we listen to your story, help you understand the university disciplinary process, discuss your options, and tell you what the most likely outcomes are based on our knowledge of university policy and past experience with similar cases.

What to Bring

Here is what you should bring when you come to meet with a caseworker:

  • A copy of the letter you received from university administration informing you that you have been accused of a policy violation and your case is under review.
  • If you have already had a meeting with university administration, a copy of the letter stating whether or not you were found responsible for the policy violation.
  • If you filed an appeal, copies of your appeal letter and the response.
  • If you are facing criminal charges, any legal documents such as police reports and court statements. Although we cannot offer legal advice, it still helps to review such documents because criminal charges are often accompanied by university sanctions.
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